Friday, June 24, 2005

Under the Silver Moonlight

Under the Silver Moonlight
It's a Chinese folk song. It wrote by Luobing Wang, a famous musician in China. He collected, revised, and wrote altogether some 700 western folk songs. Even if he had been thrown into prison for 19 years, He had never stopped his indite.

On the golden sands
There is silver moonlight
I want to recollect the bygone
But it’s a misty memory

Bygone is a misty memory
Just like a dream
Where has the girl been
Left me alone

I’d like to ride a horse
Fly like an arrow
Flying and flying
Towards her back

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

About Movie

I like seeing films. Usually I enjoy them at home. Because I think this is very comfortable. I can enjoy them sitting in a chair, or laying in bed. If I have anything to do, I can pause anytime.
I like cartoon, comedy, newsreel, dracula, swordsmen film, except tragedy. I especially like BBC newsreel.
I’ve hardly hired videos. I’ve bought many DVDs. Sometimes I borrow some from my friends. I had 4 hard disks (120G*4) for copying classic videos.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Story

When and why did she get her bowl?
She got the bowl in 1999, as a present for her birthday.

What happened to it in 2000?
The bowl fell to the ground and a piece of him was broken.

What has she done to it?
She still uses it every morning.

What is she going to do with it?
She is going to make this bowl as a family tradition. She want to pass it to her children.

Do you have a similar object? Do you have an artifact passed on in your family? Tell us about it and post a photo of it (See Melzinha's bowl here)
Yes, I have some similar objects. At my Chinese home, I found a small rubber tower and a rubber seal last month. I carved them about 23 years ago. At that time I was a pupil.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

About bushfires

Bushfires are natural in Australia. Local people have had them for many thousands of years. And plants have adapted to bushfires. But it was said that modern people knew the rule 200 years ago. They thought bushfires is harmful to the planes. In China, some provinces experience floods in summer. Army was sent to put out it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


“It’s snowing in great flakes.” When I called my father last week, he told me. He is in Beijing (Peking), China, and I am in Sydney, Australia now.
In Beijing, it snows in winter every year. After a heavy snow fall, all the buildings are beautifully hatted. Children play with snowballs and make snowmen, as happy as larks.
But a heavy snow can block traffic too. In China, most people go out by bicycle, bus or train. The snow season cause lots of trouble to them.
In the south of China, such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, it hardly ever snows. When I was a student at a university in Sichuan, it snowed. Many teachers and schoolmates had never seen snow, besides our English teacher, a pretty girl. When we played snowball on the playground, most people aimed at her. Then she caught a bad cold. :)


I love backpacking. If you do too, Please contact me:


Echo, my wife.

Tiaoguo, my friend. She is learning English with Echo in the same class at TAFE.

My backpacker friends.
By the way, about 30 minutes later, I fell into the river from the hill. My knees were badly hurt.

My backpacker friends.

Our camp. It took us 8 hours to climb the Baihua Mountain. Everyone carried over 20kgs. We hardly had any rest except for lunch.

We were picnicing.

I'm so exhausted, so I went into tent for a rest. The Green bean is very hard to cook. When my friends finished cooking, I was snoring. They ate it up. It was said that it was delicious.